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      Of course, it was very mortifying to Si, and he would have been almost heartbroken had he not been comforted by the thought that it was all for her! At first he felt as if he would like to take that rail and charge around and destroy the whole regiment; but, on thinking it over, he made up his mind that discretion was the better part of valor.

      Pen breathed more freely.

      "Corporal!" shouted the Wagon Master with infinite scorn. "Measly -a-month water toter for the camp-guard, order me!" and he went off into a rolling stream of choice "army language."

      "We'll get them back!" said Pen confidently.


      "I suspect it was Ernest Riever."


      Shorty roused. He felt so much gladder than any of them, that he was jealous of their attentions.