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      Why not? he asked, almost roughly."Yet I thought it was our understanding--"

      Yes, she said, gravely. I forgot that. The hateful money! The words burst from her with fierce energy. What does it matter? Do you think you would be any the happier if you hadyesbitterlyall my money? If you love her you can tell her so, and if she loves youmarry her right away.

      Greenleaf smiled an admission and her happy eyes closed to mere chinks. What had been told was that Constance had yesterday accepted Mandeville.

      When Esmeralda went down to the breakfast-room the next morningthe dainty room redolent with the perfume of the roses which stood in great bowls on the table and sideboardshe saw him outside in the garden, and a faint blush rose to her pale face. How should she greet him? What should she say to him? When he came in, they were alone, and he stood in the door-way for a second or two, looking at her. She just glanced at him, and was busy with the coffee cups."Yes," chimed Miranda to whoever was saying it--

      "Why!"--the flush came back stronger--"why, Connie! why, that's positively silly--ha, ha, ha!"


      And her eyes stood out with wonder.The sycophant, whose profession required him to know everything, remembered at the childs call that the young girl who bore this name must be a daughter of General Myronides, who had recently inherited the next house, and that she was reputed to be amechans kal, irresistibly pretty. So it was not without eager expectation that he awaited her coming. Then he heard a young girls voice inside the house, singing:


      The men rode beside her silently, and proceeded quickly but cautiously. She knew by the direction of the wind that they were going from Three Star toward the hills, and her heart sunk under the heavy weight of a terrible fear.15 Lyrcus was approaching uninjured at the head of his men.


      "You've sent him into the enemy's lines!" cried Constance to Irby in one of her intuitions.