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      "I daresaybut I'm not your son or your daughter or your wife"He repeated the word almost stupidly.

      His work had made him splendid. His skin was the colour of the soil he tilled, a warm ruddy brown, his hair was black, growing low on the forehead, and curling slightly behind the ears. The moulding of his neck and jaw, his eyes, dark, bright, and not without laughter in them, his teeth, big, white, and pointed, like an animal'sall spoke of clean and vigorous manhood. He was now unmistakably a finer specimen than Harry. Harry had lost to a great measure his good looks. Not only had the vacancy of his face robbed it of much of its attractionfor more beautiful than shape or colouring or feature had been the free spirit that looked out of his eyesbut his constant habit of making hideous grimaces had worked it into lines, while the scar of his burning sometimes showed across his cheek. Add to this a stoop and a shambling gait, and it is no longer "Beautiful Harry," nor even the ghost of him, so much as some changeling, some ill-done counterfeit image, set up by vindictive nature in his stead.Perhaps we were wrong: perhaps the slavery which was dictated to us by the conditions which prevailed upon Fruyling's World was not the best sort available. But freedom is not, in any case, the answer. A man may die as the result of too much oxygen: a culture, likewise, may die of too much freedom.


      A machine could have done the job very easily, but machines were expensive. An Albert could be taught in a week.

      "I want to git out o' this."

      "To London.""The door opens," she said when he had reached her, in a small and frightened voice. "The masters are not here."


      Chapter 14The boys flung their things off with something like desperation in their looks.


      Early in September George arrived. Reuben's face kindled when the doctor told him he had escaped Georgina.CHAPTER XI. SHORTY GIVES THE BOYS THEIR FIRST LESSON IN FORAGING.


      "Given enough temptation," Dr. Haenlingen said, "there is no such thing as a responsible man. If there were, none of us would be here, on Fruyling's World. None of us would be masters, and none of the Alberts slaves."Subject (called) Cadnan