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      Shorty wisely kept his reply to himself, but he thought how absurd it was to have men about the army who were too old and set in their ideas to learn army ways. He muttered to himself:

      "Humph," said the woman contemptuously. "I don't sell them for no dollar apiece. They'uns 's all we got to live on now. If I sell 'em I must git somethin' that'll go jest as fur. You kin have 'em at apiece."

      "Git a bushel basket, and gather 'em up in it."

      Si picked up a stick and drew a line in the ground. "Now bring your toes to that line, and keep 'em there.""Guess not."

      There Was a Chorus of Yells, and then Another Volley. 247


      "Heah, we told you no politics. Git back thar, now, quick, or we'll bust your haid with this heah rock."


      "Well, I've done all I could," said the Deacon, going back and picking up the rope which was tied to the cow's horns. "The Lord knows I've tried hard enough to git that hoss back. The cow looks as if she's a good milker. A little milk'll do the boys good. Then, they kin have fresh beef. Come along, Bos."MRS. GORDON: Not those poor things. They're slaves.


      Cadnan had room for only one thought, the most daring of his entire life. "You must get Dara away."