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      At twelve the poll stood at a hundred and one for the Captain and sixty-five for the Colonel. The Tories were getting desperatethey threw into the crowd handbills wet from the printers, declaring that MacDonald's toll-gate should not stand an hour after he was elected. But the crowd only sang derisively:

      Norma felt suddenly frightened. "What's wrong?"

      "Master Luke," said he, with an assumed carelessness of manner, "you are rather chary of my lord's wineyou have not yet offered me the cup of welcome."

      "Reckon I would. I remember as how you wur always trying to make out as my lazy good-fur-naun sons wur my victims, and as how I'd sacrificed them all to my farm; now I reckon you're trying to do the same wud Rose.""Oh, I've found a way of gitting shut of them rootsesthought of it while I wur working at the trees. I'm going to blast 'em out."

      "I must say as how you've kept it dark."

      Reuben often spoke to her severely, but with no result. There was a time when he could never chide her without her crying, but now she hardly seemed to care.


      Only once she dared look up, and that was when they were walking solemnly from the communion table to the vestrythen she suddenly looked up and saw Reuben's great strong shoulder towering above her own, his face rather flushed under its sunburn, and his hair unusually sleek and shining with some oil.


      "Over at Grandturzelcan't see wot's burning from here. Git buckets and come!"Chapter 14


      "You talk boldly, sir, of my lord's intents," answered the yeoman sulkily."The last word on most subjects," said Richard.