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      And we'll forget those left behind

      He ran lightly across the room, kissed his hand at the door, and they heard him running across the drawing room.

      O Tolls! ye do afflict us alla bore!And they tell me youre going to be Mayor of Bracebridge next year, said Mrs Goodford, delighted to have drawn him into conversation with{27} her. If only she could engage him in it she trusted herself to make him lose his temper before many minutes were over.

      Tilly opened her mouth to say something, but was wise, and held her tongue.What lease has the Club got? he asked.

      It was after ten o'clock when her father-in-law and his two silent boys climbed into their trap and started homewards over the clattering cobbles of Mermaid Street. In the trap the two silent boys found their tongues, and fell to discussing their brother Richard in awestruck voices. They whispered about his dinner, his wife, his hands, his eye-glasses, his voice, while old Dorrington picked his way up Playden Hill in the white starshine. Reuben heard them as if in a dream as he leaned forward over the reins, his eyes fixed on Capella, bright and cold above Bannister's Town. He had drunk more liberally and more variously than he had ever drunk in his life, but he carried his liquor well, and all[Pg 394] he was conscious of was a slight exaltation, a feeling of triumph, as if all these huddled woods, lightless farms, and cold winking stars were in some strange way his by conquest, the tokens of his honour. The wind lapped round him, baffing at his neckit sighed in the woods, and rocked them gently towards the east. In the south Orion hung above Stonelink, with Sirius at the end of his sword ... the constellation of the Ram was high....

      "Oh!" cried Tilly.She rose the next morning with a bad headache and her eyes staring rather plaintively out of black saucers. None the less she was happy, even in spite of her[Pg 344] regrets. She loved and had been loved, so she told herself over and over again as she dressed David and Bill and prepared the breakfast. Why, even if, when he got home, Joe Dansay discovered that he did not really love her, she would still have had his love, and as for herself, she would go on loving him for ever"for ever and ever and ever," she repeated in a low, trembling voice as she cut her father's bacon.


      "As you like Tomonly mind they don't coop you up. To my mind, there is not a man in the parish safe;but things will not always go on so. Now, good father, we must be gone."



      "No, he's quite the young gorilla. Now I must be off, Tilly. I'll write to you."