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      "Right," Albin said. "You are right. You are absolutely, incredibly, stunningly right. And to prove how right you are I'm going to do you a favor."

      She had to be safe. He heaved in a breath of smoky air, and ran.

      Where was he? He raised himself on his elbow, and immediately a head looked over the side of the cart.When the doctor arrived an hour later, his services were needed after all. For Naomi gave birth to a little boy at dawn.

      "Yes, it looks like as if those artillery boys are earnin' their a month about every second of their lives," remarked Shorty. "There ought to be some other batteries loafin' around somewhere that could join in."

      "Pull out just a little more, boys," Si said pleasantly. "We must be almost there. It can't be but a little ways now."

      "O, cert," replied Shorty carelessly. "You seen that big iron buildin' we went into to git on the cars at Louisville? That was really a tunnel, all ready to be shoved out on the road when it was needed. If you hadn't bin so keen on the lookout for guerrillas as we come along you'd 'a' seen pieces o' tunnels layin' all along the road ready for use."



      "So suppose somebody goes back," Albin said. "Suppose somebody talks. What difference does it make? It's just rumor, nothing official. No, the reason nobody goes back is cargo space, pure and simple. We need every inch of cargo space for the shipments."