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      "But why wait a year? Can you not prove me trusty and true in less than a year?"If he had never known Ada!

      Yes, he said. I got sick of being in England with nothing to do, and I thought Id take a run over here and see if I couldnt find some kind of employment. Theres a general idea that this is a sort of Tom Tiddlers ground, where you can pick up gold and silver. Of course its a mistake, I suppose?

      "So young to see Rome," she murmured. "And to think that those star-like eyes will see and take no heed; to think that such a glorious vision will pass before him, and he will remember nothing."

      Doctor Remy had recovered his composure, in part. He drew himself up haughtily. "Keep your advice for those who need it," he rejoined; "I am here simply as a physician, in attendance upon a sick man. What your business may be, is none of mine: good evening." And he strode out of the door.Esmeralda obeyed.

      I dont think any one could teach me, said Esmeralda, calmly. I shouldnt have the patience. The Penman used to say that the only way to keep me sitting quiet would be to tie me down, hands and feet; and that wouldnt do for learning the piano, would it? and she laughed."My dear love, you shall see her as soon as the railway can bring her here. Remember, it is you who have forbidden me to send for her. You know how dearly she loves youhow willingly she would come to you. I'll telegraph to her within half an hour."

      "Think of me sometimes, dearest, in the years to come. Think that I loved you fondly. Be sure that I was grateful for all your goodness to me," she said tearfully.Trafford took her down to the stables on the morning after her arrival, and Esmeralda went from stall to stall, loose box to loose box, and was introduced to each horse in turn; and was so fearless and full of admiration and delight that she won the heart of the head groom, who waxed eloquent about her when she and Trafford had gone off to see the House Farm.


      "Intensely. They are histories in brick and stone, are they not? I dare say there are stories about this room.""It is treating me rather like a criminal; or, at any rate, like a person whose word cannot be believed."




      "Don't blame Gwendolen. I telegraphed to her, imploring her to stand by meto say that I was in London with her."