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      "Humph, not much of a name," said Monty in a disappointed tone, for he had been an assiduous reader of dime novels. "'Tain't anything like as fine as Tecumseh, and Osceola, and Powhatan, and Jibbeninosay, and Man-Afraid-of-Gettin'-His-Neck-Broke. Wasn't much of a big Injun.""As I said before, that is a matter of opinion and judgment which I will discuss with the court later. Did the prisoner actually strike you?"

      "I'm coming to help you, Reuben. You'll never tackle them rootsesit ?un't everything you can do surelye!"Only once she dared look up, and that was when they were walking solemnly from the communion table to the vestrythen she suddenly looked up and saw Reuben's great strong shoulder towering above her own, his face rather flushed under its sunburn, and his hair unusually sleek and shining with some oil.

      But it bothered Johnny Dodd.

      And then a lot of busybodies came along and liberated them."Oh, oh!"screamed Harry"Oh, oh, oh!"



      "Still I don't understand about the duplicate bridges," persisted Harry.Norma paced to the window and looked out, but the day was gray: she saw only her own reflection. "Something happened," she murmured. "Iguess I had too much to drink. I wanted to talk."


      The Colonel permitted this, for he anticipated that a charge on the rebel works would follow the beating down of the artillery fire, and he wanted his regiment to be where it would get a good start in the race to capture a rebel battery. He simply cautioned the Captains to keep their men in hand and ready. As Capt. McGillicuddy called Co. Q closer together, it occurred to Shorty that in the interest he had taken in the artillery duel he had not looked after Pete Skidmore for some time, and he began casting his eyes around for that youth. He was nowhere to be seen, and, of course, no one knew anything about him.