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      CHAPTER XXXVII."Yes. Must we fire on that? and fire first?"

      Is there any woman in the world so brave as you are, Esmeralda? he exclaimed. And you, a slip of a girlI beg your pardon, dearmanaged to get away from a ruffian like that, with a woman to help him! But that was hours ago. Why did you not ride straight to the camp?

      That is right, he said, approvingly. Belfayre has been quiet too long; it is only fitting that we should be hospitable, and on a large scale. I hope I shall be well enough to be at dinner. In any case, I shall come into the drawing-room afterward, if only to see you, my dear. By the way, you know that I have given instructions to the surveyors to begin the Bay plans?

      How well you look, dear! she exclaimed, as she scanned Esmeraldas face, more lovely than ever with the light of happiness glowing in her eyes, the smile of a heart at rest on her lips. And how brown! What will Lady Wyndover say when she sees you? She will be here this afternoon; she would not come before. And how strong you look. What a wonderful place Australia must be to work such a change in so short a time!

      He passed his hand across his brow.


      Yes; she discovered that I married her for her money.


      You have always been a faithful servant to me.


      "Here!" the gray man was amiably saying to Charlie. "It's your advice that's too late. Look."Flora, we have seen, had been willing, eager, for them to come--to arrive; not because Charlie, but because his captain, was one of the two. But Irby, never sure of her, and forever jealous of the ladies' man, had contrived, in a dull way, to detain the home-comers in mid-journey, with telegraphic orders to see here a commandant and there a factory of arms and hurry men and munitions to the front. So he killed time and tortured hope for several hearts, and that was a comfort in itself.